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Want to replace your windows?

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Welcome to my Referral Directory of home maintenance businesses that might come in handy.  I've compiled the best vendors I have come into contact with over the years, plus those my clients have recommended. Just click on the link to see the businesses.


Now don't sue me if you have a less than ideal experience with one of them!  I have done my best to pass on my good experiences plus those of my clients.  But I have not verified whether they are licensed, bonded, have insurance or have a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!  Proceed at your own risk.... But this is better than picking from the Pennysaver!


If you have a business to refer, send me the information.... plus your testimonial.


Acoustic Ceilings
Alarm Services

Carpeting - See Flooring
Chimney Care
Estate Sales/Furniture Disposal


Heat & Air Conditioning
Home Inspector
Home Theater
Home Warranty
Land Surveying
Leak Detection
Mold Remediation/Testing
Moving Companies

Odor Removal
Painter/Faux Finishing/Drywall/Texturing

Personal Care
Pest Control
Plaster & Stucco
Pool & Spa Care/Construction
Real Estate/Realtors
Senior Services
Septic Tank/Sewer Inspection
Structural Engineer
Stucco & Plaster
Tree Care
Windows/Cleaning Repair, Blinds and Coverings












Carothers & Assoc

(916) 782-3553

735 Sunrise Ave, St 160

Roseville, CA 95661

Charles Carothers

"When my long time CPA retired, I found Charley Carothers. I was so impressed by his knowledge, and his focus on audit-proofing my deductions. Some of his staff has spent many years as IRS Auditors, so I feel we are truly in good hands." referred by Sally Dunbar


Linda Vail, CPA

(916) 483-8969

3807 Pasadena Ave, #180

Sacramento, CA 95821

"Linda is quick and interested in smaller businesses although she handles individual or corporate clients, as well.  She has been active in educating us about our accounting, which I appreciate."  Referred by Sally McFarland, Panda Complete Domestic Agency





Acoustic Ceilings

Super Shooters

(916) 944-1711

Keith and Mary Martin

"Nothing says 'dated' like those nasty acoustic ceilings.  If you are sick of staring at yours, get Super Shooters over.  They do acoustic removal, drywall repair and retexturing on walls and ceilings." referred by Sally Dunbar


Alarm Services


Foothill Alarm

(916) 786-0626

233 Technology Way, St 8

Rocklin , CA 95765

Richard Bruce

"You will see Foothill Alarm signs all over town, and in front of my own home... installed the day after we were broken into - it was Valentine's Day, right about noon!  Call them today so you sleep well tonight.  (They also do close circuitTV, home theater, central vacuum, and intercoms.)" Referred by Sally Dunbar



SafeHaven ADT Security - Erik Andres

(832) 900-4816

“If you buy a home with an ADT security system, Erik is the one to call to activate it. Tell him Sally Sent Ya!." Referred by Sally Dunbar





Appliance Depot

(916) 984-6277

125 Fargo Way

Folsom, CA 95630

Mark Studebaker

"These appliance installers were recommended by 3 out of 5 dealers we shopped at.  They specialize in high-end appliance installation, and made modifications to my cabinets to allow my new appliances - they even stained the small strip between the 2 ovens to match my existing cabinets."  referred by Cherryl Simms


Masters Wholsesale Distributing

(916) 669-3853

2504 Mercantile Drive

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

"Margaret has been selling appliances for 20+ years, and knows her stuff.  She'll handle a single appliance purchase, or an entire high-end home, including outdoor kitchens, and will sell retail.  She takes time to educate you and you'll love their huge showroom and aggressive pricing." referred by Sally Dunbar



Value Appliance

(916) 725-4914

421 Riverside Avenue #B

Roseville, CA 95768

Lindley Pritchard

"They do appliance repairs on washers, dryers, kitchen appliances and Sup-Zeros.  They do good work and show up when they say." referred by Cherryl Simms


E&D Sewing & Vacuum Repair

(916) 966-5600

“I have a vintage, 1951 Singer Sewing Machine that just went CLUNK at one point. After yelping maching repair people, I popped into E&D. the guy was repairing a machine that looked exactly like mine. He fiddled around with mine, then said "There you go. Come back and see us when you want a full service. No charge for today." They rock! " Recommended by Sally Dunbar






Amy Parker, Appraise It Today

(916) 683-5656

P.O. Box 2701

Elk Grove, CA 95759-2701

"Amy is very experienced at all types of appraisals, and is fair. She really works hard to be accurate and does her research. Here specialty is independent appraisals for homeowners or those settling an estate. She is awesome." referred by Sally Dunbar


Architect and Designers


Suzanne Kyle Design and Space Planners

(916) 961-7090

4301 Buchanan Drive

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Suzanne Kyle

"Suzanne is a very accomplished designer, from simple color consultation to a full-blown home remodel.  Ask to see her impressive portfolio, as she has worked for some of Sacramento's 'heavy hitters'.  I once referred her to a client and it turned out she had designed the interior for two former owners of the home!" referred by Sally Dunbar




Family Law Center - Carol Delzer

(916) 488-5088

1722 Professional Drive

Sacramento, CA 95825

"For Divorces Done Differently.  Carol is a senior mediator and collaborative attorney who will help a divorcing couple through a mediated agreement. While I don't have PERSONAL experience with Carol's services (thankfully) she is a softer solution to a nasty divorce." referred by Sally Dunbar


Gary Link, Law Office of

(916) 447-8101

725 30th Street, St 107

Sacramento, CA 95816

"Gary and his team are your guys for tenant/landlord law and evictions.  Don't try to do your own eviction... let Gary do it.  Doing it right is complicated and Gary does so many that it is cheap!" referred by Sally Dunbar



Michael Hanks, Law Office of

(916) 635-0302

11211 Gold Country Blvd, #107

Gold River, CA 95670

"Mike is a business, real estate and estate planning attorney, specializing in foreclosure and deficiency issues.  He has served as legal counsel for both borrrowers and lenders, and explains complicated issues pretty simply." referred by Sally Dunbar



Stephen Beede, Attorney at Law

(916) 966-2260

11140 Fair Oaks Blvd, St 300

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

"Steve and his group are the ones to go to for any real estate related legal issues.  If you are upside down or facing foreclosure, they will do an hour consult, showing you your risks for a short sale vs foreclosure vs bankruptcy.  I will not list a short sale without Steve's seal of approval regarding the seller's legal risks." referred by Sally Dunbar




Bodycraft Collision Center

(916) 635-4843

11230 Trade Center Drive

Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670

"I had my hood replaced on my Acura which they painted to match my car.  They were recommended by a friend who got their name through USAA.  They did an excellent job." referred by Cherryl Simms



NorCal Auto Body

Jennifer & Chad Riffe

(916) 722-4361

"I found this couple-owned business a few years ago to fix my 11 year old car with new trim and replace a headlamp. We've taken our 2 cars in for various odds and ends. They are the most pleasant people to deal with and remember us each time with a thank you card and a Starbucks gift card. A small shop, but they do good work and they remember you a year or two later. I could have gone to the dealer, but they forget who I am when I drive my car off their lot." referred by Cherryl Simms




Loomis Cabinets

Jean Woods, Designer

(916) 638-5655, cell (916) 549-1312

"When we redesigned our kitchen (in the beautiful home Sally Dunbar helped us buy), Jean at Loomis Cabinets was fantastic. Jean totally listened to our wants and ideas, and designed our new cabinets exactly as we had dreamed of. She never tried to force her ideas on us. We are so happy with our gorgeous new kitchen, and found Jean a complete joy to work with." referred by Debby Ludwig


Chimney Care


Ryan Brothers

(916) 339-2220

5710 Auburn Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95841

"Ryan Brothers can clean and inspect your wood-burning stove or fireplace. They can send a camera down as well. They also have a great showroom on Auburn with many newfangled options on display." referred by Sally Dunbar




Your referrals are needed!




Mike King L.C.


"Mike does a great job, and my clients have been very happy with him.  He is very responsive, and he seems to do it all." referred by Sally Dunbar



Double OO Construction - Oscar Olivares

license 771844

(916) 991-0475 (cell - 916 826-5078)

"Oscar was reasonably priced, timely and did quality work. I was very pleased with what he did." Referred by Clara Jewell



Gus Martinez


"Gus does tons of different things to get a junked-up home ready to sell, including hauling. He can also do handy man things, cementing fence posts, staining decks, landscape clean-up. He is a jack of all trades who built a name for himself during the foreclosure market, doing what was needed for foreclosed homes." referred by Sally Dunbar




Dr. Richard Shipp

(916) 488-3943

5805 Marconi Blvd

Carmichael, CA 95608

"Dr. Shipp has taken care of my whole family's teeth for many years.  He is patient, gentle and the tallest dentist you will ever meet!  He always spells out your options... including waiting to see what happens.  Just don't make him so busy he doesn't have time for my appointments!" referred by Sally Dunbar



Dr. Stamos

(916) 966-1751

10425 Fair Oaks Blvd, St 203

Fair Oaks, Ca 95628

"Check out my kid's teeth... I credit Dr. Stamos!  And with 4 kids of his own, he knows how to handle kids. He is a great guy!  The "fun stuff" on his and Dr. Daft's web site is cool, too - your kid can visually even try out different band colors there."  referred by Sally Dunbar




Dan's Doors

(916) 687-7540

Sacramento, CA

"Dan does doors and  windows.  In fact, he is a certified Blomberg specialist." referred by Sally Dunbar




John Rybeck

(916) 521-2029

Citrus Heights, CA

"John is a very responsive, and knowledgable electrician.  He has done commercial and residential electrical for over twenty years.  He mostly works alone, so you'll get the 'big guns' working on your wires.  He can add a simple outlet or wire a whole house." referred by Sally Dunbar



Patrick Lueras

(916) 919-1520

"Patrick is a fantastic electrician, and has a general contractor's license." referred by Paul Ramsey


Engineer & Surveying



Area West Engineers, Inc, Charlie Czapkay, PLS 8297

7478 Sandalwood Dr, ST 400, Citrus Heights, CA

(916) 725-5551

"Area West was recommended to me by a Title Officer for surveying land." referred by Sally Dunbar



Baker Williams Engineering Group

Engineering, Surveying , Planning

6020 Rutland Dr, ST #19, Carmichael, CA

(916) 331-4336

"They were referred to me by a Title Officer who deals with land surveying and the engineering process" referred by Sally Dunbar



Anna Cabe, Engineering

2575 Valley Rd., Sacramento, CA 95821

(916) 485-3746

"They were referred to me by a title Officer who deals with land surveying and the engineering process" referred by Sally Dunbar

Estate Sales/Furniture Disposal


Family Trust Liquidators


Loretta & Greg

"This husband and wife team handles estate sales wither in your home, or in their huge warehouse.  they have a real heart and know their stuff. Greg also does moving, and has moved my mom twice." Referred by Sally Dunbar





Floor Store

(916) 635-9602

11225 Trade Center Dr, St 100

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Larry Nudelman

"Floor Store does all floor surfaces - hardwood, tile, laminates and carpeting, in addition to tile showers and counters.  They have a huge showroom in Rancho Cordova with a gigantic stock and can do immediate installation, from high end to flips. They even have roll ends and inexpensive carpeting for small jobs. Larry has done this forever and knows his stuff." referred by Sally Dunbar



Gary Iba Hardwood Floors

(916) 927-7930

"Gary does a beautiful job on hardwood floors - both new installation or refinishing.  He can also do a great job repairing messed up wood floors. A man of few words, he is a true meticulous craftsman." referred by Sally Dunbar


Fairest of All - Carpet Cleaning

(916) 987-1430


Rick Fair

"Fairest of All is truly outstanding. Rick has a degree in chemistry and really knows the chemistry of fiber cleaning. He is your guy for getting out stains." referred by Sally Dunbar


Fair Oaks Carpet Care

(916) 966-3758

10223 Fair Oaks Blvd, St B

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Munir and Maria Massoud

"They do a great job cleaning carpets, and have been doing this a long time." referred by Sally Dunbar



Busy Bee Carpet & Tile Care - Bill Gabert

"I have used Bill for stone, grout, and carpet cleaning. My designer latched on to him for her travertine floor and said that after he worked on the floor it looked new again. She recommends him to her clients as well." referred by Cherryle Simms




Call me if you have a good one.  It's hard to keep their backs form going out!


Junk King


"These guys will haul off anything. It's a franchise, but the franchise owner stands behind his work." referred by Sally Dunbar


Gus Martinez


"Gus does tons of different things to get a junked-up home ready to sell, including hauling. He can also do handy man things, cementing fence posts, staining decks, landscape clean-up. He is a jack of all trades who built a name for himself during the foreclosure market, doing what was needed for foreclosed homes." referred by Sally Dunbar


Heat & Air Conditioning


Absolute Comfort Heating and Air

(916) 224-7159

Dave Rankin

Dave himself will probably show up.  He's a great guy and explains your system in easy to understand terms. He's a great guy and my clients always like him." referred by Sally Dunbar



Valley Heating & Air

(916) 944-3723

Fair Oaks, CA 95628



Home Inspector


BPG - Buyer's Protection Group Home Inspection

1-800 285-3001

"BPG has a number of home inspectors, and their reports are easy to read, with "Action Items" highlighted on the first few pages, and the "HoneyDo" list following, complete with photographs of their findings. I really like Pete Meier." Referred by Sally Dunbar.


Home Theater


Home Warranty



First American Home Warranty

(800) 444-9030

"The day your heater goes out, you will be glad you have a home warranty. First American is one of the big ones, and they have always taken care of my clients." referred by Sally Dunbar



BPG Home Warranty

"BPG has always done a good job for my clients." referred by Sally Dunbar




Nick Maniaci

"My neighbor has used this family for ten years, and I have used them for 4 months. From their website you see they have a system of cleaning low areas (like baseboards), and high areas (ceiling fans) in your home periodically in addition to the "regular" cleaning you would expect from a housekeeper. 3 - 4 of them are in and out in about 2 hours." referred by Cherryle Simms



Gardner Insurance & Financial Services

Farmers Insurance

(916) 965-4690

8035 Madison Ave, St D2

Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Randy or Ryan Gardner

"Randy and his son Ryan are top producing agents for Farmer's, whom I trust to handle my own family's insurance.   They have taken care of many of my clients.  Actually, when clients get bids from various insurance companies, they usually still choose Ryan and Randy." referred by Sally Dunbar



Karin Owens

First Allied Securities

(916) 955-0602

1817 Maryal Fr, #200,

Sacramento, CA

“Karin has every financial designation under the sun but her main qualification is that she cares about the individual she is managing money for.  She looks at their whole picture, then develops and implements the plan for achieving financial balance.  Her clients love her.” referred by Sally Dunbar




Alfredo Arguelos


“Alfredo is prompt, conscientious and reasonably priced. He and his crew keep our yard looking neat and well cared for." Referred by Jennie Hansen


Land Surveying


Leak Detection


Valley Leak Detection


“Valley Leak Detection has saved a lot of water for a lot of people! They can find leaks in spas, fountains and pools that can simply drive you crazy, or threaten to blow up a real estate transaction." Referred by Sally Dunbar





Vitek Mortgage

Jodi Reese (916) 505-7689

8814 Madison Ave

Fair Oaks, Ca 95628

"Jody is outstanding, and have a ton of experience. Vitek has such an awesome commitment to the home purchase process. They guarantee to meet our deadlines for the loan, and their entire office is structured to close your escrow on time. Plus they will be straight with you as far as true costs go." Referred by Sally Dunbar


Patty Gacutan (916) 759-9248

Academy Mortgage

(916) 759-9248

"Patty has decades of experience dealing with all kinds of borrowing issues." referred by Sally Dunbar


Suzi Bertino

Big Valley Mortgage

(916) 960-5208

(916) 996-2223 - cell

"Suzi will tell you the truth about which loan program is best for you. So many people are in trouble with their loans right now, because they chased the lowest interest rate, instead of the best advise. You will love Suzi and her 30+ years of experience." referred by Sally Dunbar



Roger Martin


(916) 412-3690 cell

"Roger has had so much experience with lending, it is almost scary. He is very knowledgable on the ins and outs of loans, and has an awesome team supporting him." referred by Sally Dunbar





JWM Locksmith - Jim Minton


“Jim will show up at your home ready to rekey your locks. He is very reasonable and has oodles of years of experience." Recommended by Sally Dunbar

Mold Remediation/Testing


ServiceMaster Restoration by Elite - Damir Hokman

(916) 709-1805 Damir's cell: (916) 709-1595

“Does mold remediation, fire clean up, disaster response. Very responsive, has over 60 5-star Yelp reviews, none lower." Recommended by Amy Parker, Appraiser

Moving Companies



Chipman Relocation and Logistics - Gary Kee

(916) 532-3793

“Gary has moved a lot of my clients - they are always happy." Recommended by Sally Dunbar




Odor Removal



Smoke-Busters UV Deoderizing

(916) 880-5335 X 502

Joe Chasko

"Joe has an amazing way of getting rid of odors and keeping them away utilizing ultra violet somehow. It's all a mystery, but it works." referred by Sally Dunbar


Painter/Faux Finishing/Drywall/Texturing



Vault Painting - Sondra Anderson


“Sondra will do the estimating very quickly and they have teams of painters who do a great job." Referred by Sally Dunbar


Off The Wall Painting - Daryl Van Vliet


"Daryl is a great guy, very responsible, very thorough and does a fabulous job." Referred by Helena Fisk


Gemarius Painting

(916) 487-4556

“Woman owned. Very reliable and efficient." Recommended by Sally Dunbar


Personal Care

Galen Hall - Color U


“Galen is such a talent at analyzing your natural skin tones, then laying out the pallette of colors, designs and styles to maximize your wardrobe to show you off at your best.  If you have known me for ten years, you have seen the change in me, thanks to Galen.  She will analyse your skin tones and custom mix foundation, as well. While the consultation is not cheap, the money you save by not buying clothing and makeup you don’t look good in is priceless. She is a money saver for you.” Strongly recommended by Sally Dunbar


Kinections - Lino Cedros


1221 S Street

Sacramento, CA

“Lino is my Muscle Man.  A Physical Therapist, or Soma Therapist might be the technical name, but he is a flippin magician.  When knee, foot, back, neck etc problems threaten my comfort, Lino watches me walk in, then knows what to do without even asking.  He knows muscles.  He fixes you. Period.” Referred by Sally Dunbar


Dr. Michael Kwiker

(916) 489-4400

3301 Alta Arden

Sacramento, CA

“Dr. Kwiker is my other magician.  He knows life from a different viewpoint than I do, but through energy balancing (which sounds WAY more woo woo than I am) he eliminated a lifetime of migraines for me.  Stopped.  Vanished.  One visit.  I have Kaiser Insurance, but usually go to him first and pay out of pocket, because he fixes me. He treats the whole body and your whole life.” referred by Sally Dunbar



Alterations, Tailoring and Repairs - Nadya & Vladi Gordeyev

(916) 966-2008

7841 Madison Avenue, citrus Heights

"Everyone I know uses them and they always do a great job in a short amount of time. They are a couple-owned business for tailoring, alterations, and repairs." referred by Cherryl Simms


Pest Control

Bouey Termite

3639 4th Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95817


ask for Mike Marriott, inspector

Plaster & Stucco




Broadley Plumbing

(916) 967-5216

4020 Main St

Folsom, Ca 95630

"Dependable, experts, professional and kind describe Broadley Plumbing. They have been in business since before 1940 and are family owned Fair Oaks icons. They are extraordinary." referred by Sally Dunbar, Gloria Wooley, Tom & Marie Putnam.



Pool & Spa Care/Construction


Pool Time

Joe Pagluica

(916) 481-2269

5825 Gibbons Dr

Carmichael, Ca 95608

"Pool Time does pool inspections, as well as build and maintain pools, spas and install safety fences. They specialize in redesigning your ugly old pool into a modern beauty. Joe is very knowledgable and helpful." referred by Sally Dunbar


Hot Water Works

(916) 863-1700

Shaleen and George Stevenson

"They have specialized in pool and spa heaters for over 40 years. I can't imagine your problem is something they have not solved hundreds of times. They also do pool control systems and fiber optic lighting." referred by Sally Dunbar


Real Estate/Realtors


Sally Dunbar (you need to ask????)

(916) 524-1548

Lyon Real Estate






Herb Kelly

(916) 591-9189

"Herb has done a number of roofs for my clients and they are always happy with him." referred by Sally Dunbar



Roof Doctors

(916) 721-6130

“Roof Doctors does inspections on many of the homes in Sacramento during their sale period. They will report on the condition, and outline the work required for a roof to be certifiable - meaning that it is guaranteed to not lead for two years. their website says they have inspected 58,000 roof since 2010." Referred by Sally Dunbar



Precision Power Washing (roofs) - Shane Fernlund

(530) 591-3878

"My neighbor recommended Shane for cleaning the moss and debris off my 10 year old wood shake roof. We have many oak trees in the neighborhood, which make a mess. Shane spent an entire day on the roof, then 1+ days resealing the roof with an oil based Armstrong product to extend the life of the roof. All my neighbors said the roof looks brand new. He also used a rotary style machine to scrub our pea gravel, and then a reverse osmosis process to wash and air dry the windows - they were spotless." referred by Cherryl Simms (see more window description under "windows")


Senior Services

Senior Care Solution - Carol Kinsel

(916) 965-5565

8910 Sunset Ave, St B

Fair Oaks, CA

Carol Kinsel

“Carol is the first place to call when you are helping a senior. As a free service, they are indispensable source of information. When we were unsure what to do for my aging Dad, Carol mapped out a plan including gizmos for the house (handrails, potty chair etc), a referral to get Veteran’s benefits lined up, a gal to help with estate planning, suggestions on the type of care facility to consider, referrals to an in-home care provider, info on adult day care, and eventually the referral to the hospice company and Cremation service (who were wonderful.  Plus hand holding throughout it all. She became my prime support - knowing all the next steps I should take. Call. Them.  First.”  Referred by Sally Dunbar


Septic Tank/Sewer Inspection


Affordable Trenchless & Pipe Lining

(916) 488-1215

“Ryan has been doing my sewer scoping for years.  They come out and send a camera down the line to see from the inside if there are any issues. You can watch, if you don't gag! They are awesome.” Referred by Sally Dunbar


Structural Engineer


Stucco & Plaster




Rich Morgan

(916) 995-8453

"Rich is a true craftsman and a tile perfectionist." referred by Jennie Hansen


KW Tile Flooring
(916) 934-6155

"We recently had KW Tile Flooring, Vasily and his brother Elijah, and their assistants, remove 600 sq ft of old tile and install 1,500 sq ft of new tile, including two bath rooms in our ’new to us’ house - all on budget and ahead of schedule!   Their workmanship -  excellent; Attention to detail and design - excellent; work ethic - excellent, Value/Pricing - excellent; Customer Relations - excellent; and they were upbeat and easy to deal with from beginning to end.  We can’t say enough good things about them."  Referred by Steve & Pat Galeria



Tree Care

Alphonso Vasquez

(916) 338-5873

“Alphonso’s crews really know trees. He has trimmed huge heritage oaks for my clients and they are blown away at the artistry.  I swear he hires monkeys to climb through the treetops, sawing and shaping to perfection.  All at a very reasonable cost.  He is awesome.” referred by Sally Dunbar




(916) 240-6397

"Randy (Stumpman) does tree removal and large tree pruning. He can get really busy, but does very good work and his prices are reasonable." Referred by Paul Ramsey




Allied Custom Upholstery

(916) 922-1838

2114 Acoma St, Sacramento

"I have used this company for 15 years. They know upholstery and do a fabulous job every time. They are in a hard place to find in Del Paso Heights, but with an appointment, Lauri will come to your home with samples. They pick up and deliver, as well." referred by Cherryl Simms


San Juan Vets

(916) 961-0744

5597 San Juan Ave

Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Drs Buntrock and Talley

“I can’t say enough about what these two committed vets do.  Not only do they work with every type of rescue animal from the wild (cougars, seals etc) but they have found simple solutions (avoid corn) to my dog’s problems after another vet was ready to switch to a second expensive antibiotic! They are a husband and wife team who commit their lives to animal care.” referred by Sally Dunbar




Windows/Cleaning Repair, Blinds and Coverings


S&J Services

(916) 630-9330

1911 Douglas Blvd, st 85-392

Roseville, Ca 95661

John Livesay

"After always washing my own windows, I gave S&J a try. Wow! They did something magical to my windows leaving them crystal clear and it only took an hour or so to do my whole house. I will NEVER wash another window, now that I know about S&J!" referred by Sally Dunbar


Precision Power Washing - Shane Fernlund

(530) 591-3878

"Shane used a reverse osmosis process to wash and air dry our windows - they were spotless. We have a patio home with many sliders. He thoroughly cleaned all the tracks and screen doors. The screen doors were taken off he tracks for cleaning, something no window washer had done before. I thought it would have been a 1-1/2 hour job, but he took 6 hours and I could see the difference." referred by Cherryl Simms