As the efforts of Hands Up For Hooters begins to ripple through our community, people are taking notice.  Here are some of the stories we are seeing about our team's success and impact.

Luxury Portfolio International Magazine, featuring Hands Up For Hooters Efforts,  October, 2017

Ed Goldman's Column in the Business Journal, about "Energist" Sally Dunbar, Team Leader of Hands Up For Hooters, May 5, 2017

Good Day Sacramento TV coverage, with Tina Macuha, April 29, 2017

Leadership in Philanthropy Award given to Sally Dunbar, by Lyon Real Estate, April 2017.

Article on Stories of Impact, about individuals and organizations who impacted Komen's goal of lowering deaths from breast cancer by 50% by 2026. Published January 31, 2017.

Blog post about Hands Up For Hooters in 2015, our first year, and how we recruited 65 new walkers. Appeared on the Susan G. Komen Blog, Published December 9, 2015.