In addition to my work as a top producing Realtor, I am the team captain of the second largest team in the US walking for Susan G. Komen in The 3-Day event.  In 2016 there were 123 of us registered for the 60 mile walk in San Diego, with 89 completing the walk.  In the process we raised $230,000 for breast cancer research, education and support.  Added to our 2015 totals, Hands Up For Hooters has raised $375,000 so far.

And yes, I am pretty proud of that.

I am a decade-plus breast cancer survivor, and learned the hard way how powerful it is to have research backing up your doctor's treatment.  When I was diagnosed, my docs did not pull my teatment out of a hat.  It was based on the gazillions of women before me who participated in studies.  As a result, I am here today.

We train every Saturday and Sunday morning, beginning in May, to be able to walk 20 miles a day, three days in a row at the 3-Day event.  Wanna join us?  Go to and check us out.  Here is our team from 2015: