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Tips on SELLING a Home...

So you're thinking about selling your home!  A little scary, isn't it?
"Will my home sell quickly, or will it take forever?"
"If it sells quickly, will I have given it away?"
"What will it cost me?"
"If the buyer cancels the contract, can I keep their deposit?"
"How should I choose my agent?"
I have a ton of information below to help you get started.  And if it's still a mystery, don't worry... I've been down this road a few hundred times.  In fact, dozens of times every year for over twenty years!  I'm starting to get this down!
If you don't see what you need to know, let me know.  The articles with the * are from my blog at  Check it out, and if you subscribe, you won't miss a single tantalizing article!
So have fun, but don't stress.  It's impossible to learn it all, which is why a good agent is invaluable.  Let me help you..... 

Finding a Good Agent
*How to Choose a Realtor
*Real Estate Commissions
*Picking a Realtor - Video Tutorial
What I Can Do For You
Benefits of a Seller's Agent
Preparing To Sell Your Home
Getting Prepared
Home Improvements
Remodeling Your Home
Showing Checklist
Relocating Tips
*Painting. Should I do it?
*Kitchen Remodel - Is It Worth It?
*Pictures & Stuff - Should You Remove Them All?
*Position Your Furniture To Sell Your Home
*Closets and Bookshelves - Do I HAVE To?
* Does Staging Pay Off
*Sprinklers Might Rot Your Home - Adjust Them Now
*Pest Inspection - When and How do I Get One?
Pricing Your Home
The Challenges of Pricing Your Home
How To Price
*Pricing Your Home For Sale
Listing Your Property
What Happens When Your Home Is Listed?
*Selling Your Home in Rollingwood...
*Selling Your Home in the Northridge Area of Fair Oaks
*Selling Your Home in the Phoenix Field Area of Fair Oaks
*Selling Your Home in Crosswoods
*Appraisals - "But My Home Is Worth More !"
*How much to disclose? How about a bad neighbor?
Purchase Offers
Understanding Offers
Evaluating An Offer
The Escrow Period
What Is Escrow?
The Sale Process
Managing The Details
Seller Disclosures 101
Who Pays For What?
*Judgements Can Prevent You From Selling
*Walk Through - Should The Seller Be Present?
*What If My Home Doesn't Appraise? Then What?
*If The Buyers Cancel, Can I Keep Their Deposit?
*Does the Escrow Officer Make a Difference?
*Escrow - How to Have a Smooth Escrow by Dealing with Problems Upfront
Loan Information
*Does HUD owe you a refund on an old FHA loan?
*Does the Lender Make A Difference?
*Do refinance appraisals reflect the true market value of a home? Not necessarily.
*Options When You Are Upside Down
*Moving? A little planning will make your move easier!
Who is Sally Dunbar, anyway????
*Dave - My love letter to my honey, after 31 years.
*A Mother's Day story - a tribute to Aunt Margaret
*What's on your bookshelf? My top books of all time.
*My best friend. My worst enemy. My brother.
*Of Woodstock, the man on the moon and my summer in the Catskill Mountains
*Migraines - this is amazing
*How I learned to really LIKE my Mom
*How I learned you can live with breast cancer
*Teach your chidren well, and they will learn
*How I learned to work hard, play hard
*How I learned to "Leap and the net will appear"
*My favorite vacation - Cruising Alaska and Ford's Terror
*My favorite vacation - Patagonia
*My favorite vacation - Sandrailing in the Oregon Dunes
Home Selling Hilarity ;0)
*Dealing with Crazy Sellers and Disclosures.