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Tips on BUYING a Home...

Buying a home can be exciting OR EXASPERATING.  I know, because I help buyers all the time.  For you, the more prepared you are about what to expect, the smoother the process will go.
Below is a ton of information designed to help you be a prepared homebuyer.  But don't worry if it's all still a mystery.  I've been doing this since 1979, and have helped a whole gaggle of buyers successfully purchase their home. 
The articles with the * are what you will find on my blog at The others are full of good information, but are not as charming and witty as the * ones....  If you like what you see, subscribe so you dont miss another article!  And let me know if I don't have the information you want - I'll get it for you.
Finding a Good Agent
*Video Tutorial - How to Choose a Realtor
What I Can do for You
*Real Estate Commissions
* Will You Need to Sign a Buyer/Broker Agreement with Me?
Preparing To Buy a Home
Getting Prepared
First Time Buyers
Renting vs. Owning
How Much Do I Need
What Can I Afford?
Income vs. Debt Ratios
Estimate Your Buying Power
Understanding Your Credit Score
Examining Your Credit History
Getting Pre-Approved
Finding A Property
Things to Consider When Buying a Home
*Keep the Faith! The Right Home is Out There For You!
*Search for homes online... Where is the best site?
*Can You find Accurate Information On-Line?
*Open Houses - How Do You find Them?
*What is a Short Sale, and How Do You Buy One?
*REO, Short Sale, Foreclosure ... What's the Diff? Video
*Condo, PUD, Townhome... What's the Difference?
*Half-Plex vs Duplex... What's the Difference?
*Finding a Home in the Rollingwood Area of Fair Oaks
*Finding a Home in the Northridge Country Club Area
*Finding a Home in the Phoenix Field Area of Fair Oaks
*Finding a Home in Crosswoods
* Which Fair Oaks Neighborhoods are the Best?
Making an Offer
What You Need To Know
*What Price Should I Offer? A Video Tutorial.
*Deposit check - what happens to it?
Finding a Home Loan
Types of Loans
Common Questions
Loan Applications
Loan Application Checklist
*Which Lender Should You Choose?
*Should You Wait For a Lower Interest Rate?
*Should You Lock Your Interest Rate?... What if Rates Go Down?
*Deposits Into Your Bank Account - The Right Way!
*Buying a Fixer Using an FHA 203K Streamline Loan
*Energy Efficent Mortgage - How Do They Work?
*Does HUD owe you a refund on an old FHA loan?
The Escrow Period
* My Offer is Accepted. NOW WHAT?????
What Is Escrow?
Your Responsibilities
Buyer Disclosures 101
The Loan Process
Closing Costs
Who Pays For What?
* What to Look For in Homeowner's Insurance
The Escrow Process
*How to Have a Smooth Escrow and Avoid Problems - Deal with them UPFRONT!
* The last two weeks of Escrow - What Is Happening?
*Walk Through - a Little Humor....
*Should You Inspect New Construction - Heck Yeah!
* Property taxes. How much will I pay, and when?
*Moving? A little planning will make your move easier!
Who is This "SALLY DUNBAR", Anyway???
*A Love Letter For My Husband
*My Best Friend. My Worst Enemy. My Brother
* Teach Your Children and They Will Listen
*How I Learned to "Leap And the Net Will Appear"
*How a Pile of Puckey Taught Me To Be an Optimist
*How I Learned to Work Hard and Play Hard
*How I Learned to Really LIKE My Mom
*The Summer of '69 and Woodstock
*My Favorite Vacations ... Sandrailing in the Dunes
*My Favorite Vacations ... Patagonia
*My Favorite Vacations.... Alaska
*My Top 17 Books of All time
*A Mother's Day Tribute to Aunt Margaret
*Channeling My Inner Hillbilly, by Sweet Potata Sal
*Hillbilly Olympics.. How to Put the FUN in Fundraising
*How I Learned... You Can Live With Breast Cancer
*My Migraines Are Gone Forever With Some Hokus Pokus
*On Being a Working Parent
* 60 Hikes by Age 60 - We're up to #23!
*Yep - I am inspired by my 90 year old Mom.